About Basaksehir

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About Basaksehir

İstanbul is the most beautiful and crowded city of Turkey. Many people immigrate to İstanbul due to job possibilities and qualified life standards.  One of the districts of İstanbul city is Basaksehir city which is built newly and accepted as one of the districts of İstanbul in 2008.

Near to district, Resneli named farm, Yarımburgaz caved is situated. Basaksehir compose of Ziya Gökalp, Başak, Bahçeşehir, Güvercintepe and Kayabaşı neighborhoods. The districts is enlarged day by day. New projects and investments are focused on construction industry.


İstanbul is a place where many old ancients and civilizations are settled and live longer there for many years. As a conclusion, many residues are available now very different part of İstanbul city.  Basaksehir zone is one of the oldest settlement area of İstanbul city. Firstly named “Azatlık” civilization is live there for the first time for detected history.

Yarımburgaz Cave and Resneli Farm are the residues that live today from old times. Yarımburgaz Cave also known as Altınşehir Cave by region’s community. Old and ancient cave is 22 km away from İstanbul city center. First settlement zone in İstanbul is accepted as Yarımburgaz Cave. Today Basaksehir city is getting modern and a big city of different cultures melting-pot.

Yarımburgaz Cave has some residues that is belongs to Paleolithic Era. Also a church that is built and used by Byzantium Empire, is available in cave.  Hoşdere region that is situated in Basaksehir district has a background with Ottoman Time.

Geographical Location of BASAKSEHIR District

Basaksehir city has specific features.  The district ground is compose of Eocene limestone materials by originally. No part of Basaksehir is near to sea or coast and also city has about 105 square meter field with all part. Basaksehir district is surrounded by Arnavutköy District from north side, Esenyurt from west side, Küçükçekmece and Bağcılar from south side and Esenler from east side.

Demographical Structure in BASAKSEHIR

Basaksehir city is getting bigger even tough new establishment. Many new immigration movements are taking place in Basaksehir region. Big part of Basaksehir population live in new collective style accommodation. Massive settlement is seen in Bahçeşehir, Kayaşehir and Onurkent neighborhoods.  After official research for determination of population in Basaksehir, the city has 396.729 in 2017. New housing projects are going on in Basaksehir and new movements are enlarged due to development of Basaksehir enormously.

Education System in BASAKSEHIR

Basaksehir city has new and modern schools from all different part of district. Total amount of schools are 74. 21 of them is served as high school.

Economical activities in BASAKSEHIR

Basaksehir city is hosted modern and developed industry facilities. Many people who work in Basaksehir is served for industry institutions.  One of the industry zone in Basaksehir is called as İkitelli Organize Sanayi Bölgesi which means many big or small facilities for industry sector is built and run there. İndustry Zone is placed near to TEM highway and many people get employed from there.

Kayabaşı Zone which is placed in Basaksehir District also has some industrial corporations.

Places to Visit in BASAKSEHIR District

Once Basaksehir was hosted powder storage. Therefore the place was named as “Azatlık”. Today Basaksehir is one of the preferred districts of İstanbul city. Şamlar Natural Park, Azatlı Powde Storage and Yarımburgaz Cave is places that is preferred for visit.


Basaksehir Sular Valley is a facility that is built on 45.723 square meter greenbelt. Shopping centers, restaurants, social and sport activity centers, walking area are all available in facility. Many people visits there in order to relaxing and involved in funny activities.

Theatre saloon, market place, parking lot zone, swimming pools, cafes and mosques make use of by visitors.

Bahçeşehir Lake

First and biggest artificial lake is established in Basaksehir district with the name of Bahçeşehir Lake. Surroundings of lake is compose of social activity areas like restaurant, cafes, game saloons, etc. During Ramadan some special shows are held there for visitors. The first lake is built on 26.000 square meter areas. Second biggest scene area is also built in facility.

Şamlar Natural Park

Natural Parks are needed by all kind of people in order to relaxing. Noise and pollution of city crowded is captured human body badly. Therefore many people wants to get a natural place for normalization. Şamlar Natural Park has natural structure by all different kind of pine and plane trees, wild animal types, walking roads.

Park is located between Gaziosmanpaşa and Arnavutköy zones. Buses and taxis are served for reach people there easily.

Azatlı Powder Storage

Azatlı Powder Storage zone is built by Ottoman Empire military manager for military purposes. The place is located north of Küçükçekmece zone and 4 km away from the lake. Gun powder items are stored there for a long time. Swimming pool and hangar structure is only left today from structure.

Yarımburgaz Caves

Yarımburgaz Caves are known as first historical place in İstanbul. The caves are 22 km away from İstanbul city center and located in north part of Altınşehir Neighborhood in Basaksehir District. The oldest settlement area in İstanbul city that comes from ancient times. Yarımburgaz Caves are declared as protected areas in 2001 by government to preserve the structure.

Sazlıdere Dam

Sazlıdere Dam was built in Büyükçekmece and Alibeyköy zone in order to produce drinking water supply to public. The structure has about 50 Hm3 water keeping potential

Transportation in BASAKSEHIR

Basaksehir city has developed and modern transportation network. The city is located in Europe part of İstanbul. Basaksehir has advanced buses stations and buses, minibuses, metros and taxis for transportation. M3 named metro facility is used for transportation by railway among İstanbul city and Basaksehir directions.

Annual Averages for Housing in Basaksehir District

Annual Gross Area 135 Sq/m
Annual Gross Price 3.380 ₺/Sq/m
Annual Price 456.300
Depreciation 27 years

Dispersion According to Number of Room

Construction Area Unit of Price Price Depreciation
1+0 46 Sq/m 3.585 ₺/m2 164.910 19 yıl
1+1 70 Sq/m 3.393 ₺/m2 237.510 23 yıl
2+1 100 Sq/m 3.106 ₺/m2 310.600 25 yıl

Houses for Sale in Neighborhood of Basaksehir District

Neighborhood January 2018 Annual Average Depreciation Change
Altınşehir 2.115 ₺/ Sq/m 2.134 ₺/ Sq/m 29 Years % 2,82
Bahçeşehir 1. Kısım 3.644 ₺/ Sq/m 3.579 ₺/ Sq/m 27 Years % 11,03
Bahçeşehir 2. Kısım 3.163 ₺/ Sq/m 3.126 ₺/ Sq/m 27 Years % 5,50
Başak 3.959 ₺/ Sq/m 3.872 ₺/ Sq/m 27 years % 8,35
Basaksehir 4.032 ₺/ Sq/m 3.883 ₺/ Sq/m 28 Years % 11,29
Ziya Gökalp 3.759 ₺ Sq/m 2 3.568 ₺/ Sq/m 27 Years % 24,55
Şamlar 2.717 ₺/ Sq/m 2.708 ₺/ Sq/m % -12,50
Şahintepe 2.350 ₺/ Sq/m 2.400 ₺/ Sq/m % 00.00
Kayabaşı 3.121 ₺/ Sq/m 2.993 ₺/ Sq/m 25 Years % 11,07
İkitelli Osb 6.186 ₺/ Sq/m 5.901 ₺/ Sq/m 24 Years % 19,37
  • House for Sale Prices in Basaksehir

Average houses are built in 135 square meter. Last year with effect of inflation, house prices increased with the percent of %8.73.

  • Average Depreciation Time is 27 years in Basaksehir

Unit price for each square in Fethiye is 3.380 TL. Average depreciation time for same level houses is mostly over 27 years.

  • Most Valued Houses in Basaksehir

Ziya Gökalp, İkitelli Osb, Basaksehir, Kayabaşı, Bahçeşehir 1. Kısım neighborhoods are most valued areas according to in last one year record.

  • Most Lost Valued Houses in Basaksehir

Şamlar, Şahintepe, Güvercintepe, Altınşehir, Bahçeşehir 2. Kısım neighborhoods are most lost valued areas according to in last one year record.

  • Earnings Too Fast in Basaksehir with Houses

The fastest earning with capacity of depreciation in Basaksehir are Altınşehir, Basaksehir, Başak, Ziya Gökalp, Bahçeşehir 1. Kısım neighborhoods in turn.

  • Earnings Too Slow in Basaksehir with Houses

The slowest earning with capacity of depreciation in Basaksehir are Şamlar, Şahintepe, İkitelli Osb, Güvercintepe, Kayabaşı neighborhoods in turn.

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