About Avcilar

about avcilar

 About Avcilar

Avcilar is big district of Istanbul and is situated Europe part of Istanbul. Avcilar 27 km away from the center of Istanbul city and also district is hosted TEM and E-5 named highways which are so famous and connect many roads. Avcilar district is surrounded Küçükçekmece Lake and Küçükçekmece District from east side, Marmara Sea from the west side.

About Avcilar

Avcilar is striking city in Istanbul among other districts with well-organized housing projects and cultural life style. Avcilar has a coast to Marmara Sea and city has fresh air which blows from sea side to city center. Dense Forest location and sea sight made Avcilar different and special. Real Estate investment is active in city due to well location features. Good transportation facilities and other features make Avcilar different and takes people attraction to settle there.

10 Neighborhood in Avcilar District

  • Ambarlı
  • Cihangir
  • Denizköşkler
  • Firuzköy
  • Gümüşpala
  • Merkez
  • Kemal Paşa
  • Tahtakale
  • Üniversite
  • Yeşilkent

History of District

Avcilar is an ancient settlement area for people. In Rome times city had Greek population. After conquest of Istanbul in 1453 city was started to develop. People went there for settlement. Mosques, İnns, wooden houses are made during that time.

During Middle Era Avcilar was used mostly Greek minorities of Ottoman Empire. Turks were not interested in Fishing or marine activity caused to settle away from Avcılar zone. Turks were related with agricultural and farming activities at that time and they lived Küçükçekmece surroundings. Therefore Avcılar was used Greek people until 1923 mostly.

Ambarlı Zone

Avcılar district was a Greek settlement area once until people switching between Turkey and Greece. After the year of 1924 many Greek people lived from the Avcilar. Ambarlı Zone is situated in Avcilar district and after leaving of Greeks, Turkish Army used zone as warehouse or storage for holding military items. Therefore Ambarlı name is given after that event by the residents of Avcilar. Once Ambarlı residents lived in Ambarlı zone with 60 houses. After evacuation of Ambarlı village, name was changed as “Firuzköy”


Firuzköy is a place where Greek people was settled there until 1923 and zone name was given Ambarlı at that time. Firuzköy is used for fishing activities by Byzantium time.

Istanbul University Avcilar Campus

Avcilar campus of Istanbul University is hosted Engineering and Architectural Faculty. Campus is stationed about 50 km away from the Istanbul city center. Avcilar campus was used by military as a military airport. And also campus was used to train military personnel. After being transfer to university management, Avcilar campus was rebuilt.

Activity for Make a Living in Avcilar District

People who live in Avcilar once made fishing for making a living. However today things are changed. Many big and little facility were built in Industry field. Avcılar population’s rate of %40, work for industry.

Village Developed

Avcilar is surrounded both sea and lake. Therefore many people were related with fishing activities to make a living. But today things are totally changed. Big firms and industries were set up and people wanted to work in that field. Once before becoming a district Avcilar was a big village. After declaration of Republic system Avcilar was started to develop. Houses were built and population enlarged.

Avcilar has natural beauty and construction that hosts many different kind of animals. Avcilar means also come from hunting activity. New settlements and increased immigration from other part of country made Avcilar big district in time.

Grew with Industry

Thermal reactor Fuel Filling System Facility and many other industrial facilities were established in Avcilar. Today Firuzköy zone is hosted many big and small corporation which are related with weaving, textile, food production etc.


Avcılar district were developed with encouragement both government and personal enterprises. Avcılar district also luck about having both E-5 highway and Istanbul University Avcılar Campus. Industrial facilities, having a big and essential university campus made Avcılar bigger than past times. Avcılar today has big 10 neighborhood. 3 big district bazaar where fresh fruit and vegetables and other item are sold. Avcilar district also has 117 different streets, and 1685 smaller shape of street structures.

10 Different Neighborhood in Avcilar District

  1. Avcilar Merkez Neighborhood
  2. Ambarlı Neighborhood
  3. Cihangir Neighborhood
  4. Gümüşpala Neighborhood
  5. Denizköşkler Neighborhood
  6. Üniversite Neighborhood
  7. Mustafa Kemal Pasha Neighborhood
  8. Firuzköy Neighborhood
  9. Tahtakale Neighborhood
  10. Yeşilkent Neighborhood

Avcilar has different varieties for economic activities. Construction Industry is developed and well-organized in Avcılar . More than 250 industry facilities are active in Avcilar and many people can get a chance to employ there. Most part of population is related with industrial activities. Also construction is another big opportunity to get a job for residents who live in Avcilar.

Avcilar district also has big education corporations. One of them is Istanbul University’s Avcılar campus. The other university in Avcilar district is Gelişim University. Istanbul University Avcilar campus has some faculties. Engineering Faculty, Management Faculty, Transporting and Logistic Faculty, Veterinary Medicine Faculties are situated in Avcilar campus of Istanbul University.

Social Structure of Avcılar District

Many industrial facilities, location on natural beauties, situation close to Marmara Sea and other positive impacts take people attraction to Avcılar . Avcılar has two different campus and many restaurants, cafes, fun centers and beaches. These all make people happy in Avcilar and population enlarge continuously.

Annual Averages about Houses That Placed

Annual Gross Area 115 Sq/m
Annual Gross Price 2.618 ₺/sq/m
Annual Price 301.070
Depreciation 21 years

Dispersion According to Number of Room

Construction     Area       Price For Unit        Price Depreciation
1+0 50 Sq/m 2.851 ₺/ Sq/m 142.550 16 Years
1+1 71 Sq/m 3.077 ₺/ Sq/m 218.467 20 Years
2+1 95 Sq/m 2.700 ₺/ Sq/m 256.500 21 Years

House for Sale Prices in Istanbul, Avcilar

Neighborhood December 2018 Annual Average Depreciation Change
Ambarlı 2.555 ₺/ sq/m 2.420 ₺/sq/m 21 years % 12,31
Cihangir 2.546 ₺/ sq/m 2.460 ₺/ sq/m 20 years % 15,31
Denizköşkler 2.951 ₺/ sq/m 2.844 ₺/ sq/m 22 years % 17,90
Firuzköy 2.164 ₺/ sq/m 2.125 ₺/ sq/m 21 years % 6,23
Gümüşpala 2.918 ₺/ sq/m 2.879 ₺/ sq/m 24 years % 13,98
Yeşilkent 4.874 ₺/ sq/m 4.527 ₺/ sq/m 33 years % 7,48
Üniversite 2.587 ₺/ sq/m 2.586 ₺/ sq/m 20 years % 2,50
Tahtakale 3.445 ₺/ sq/m 3.403 ₺/ sq/m 25 years % 5,84
Mustafa Kemalpaşa 2.143 ₺/ sq/m 2.150 ₺/ sq/m 20 years % 7,85
Merkez 2.546 ₺/ sq/m 2.459 ₺/ sq/m 19 years % 15,52
  • House for Sale Price

Average houses are built in 115 square meter. Last year with effect of inflation, house prices increased with the percent of %20.15

  • Average Depreciation Time is 21 years

Unit price for each square in Fethiye is 2.618 TL. Average depreciation time for same level houses is mostly over 21 years.

  • Most Valued Houses

Denizköşkler, Merkez, Cihangir, Gümüşpala, Ambarlı neighborhoods are most lost valued areas according to in last one year record.

  • Most Lost Valued Houses

Üniversite, Tahtakale, Firuzköy, Yeşilkent, Mustafa Kemalpaşa neighborhoods are most lost valued areas according to in last one year record.

  • Earnings Too Fast in Avcılar with Houses

The fastest earning with capacity of depreciation in Avcılar are Yeşilkent, Tahtakale, Gümüşpala, Denizköşkler, Ambarlı neighborhoods in turn.

  • Earnings Too Slow in Avcilar with Houses

The slowest earning with capacity of depreciation in Avcılar are Merkez, Mustafa Kemalpaşa, Üniversite, Cihangir, Firuzköy neighborhoods in turn.

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