About Adalar

About Adalar

Istanbul is a city worthy of attention because of its geographical location and its historical and cultural aspects.

It is a city that pulls people from every corner of the world inside with its nature and modern city life. One of the countless natural beauties Istanbul has is Adalar County, also named Prince’s Islands.

Adalar is one of the 39 counties of Istanbul City. Prince’s Islands are located across shores of Istanbul’s Kartal, Pendik, Maltepe and Kadıköy Counties. These islands stand paralelly to the Çamlıca, Kayışdağı, Aydos and Alemdağ hills of Istanbul.

These islands are believed to be separated from Kocaeli Peninsula.

The advantage of Adalar County is its proximity and ease of access to Istanbul’s centre, and the enjoyment of a life inside the nature and sea. Adalar County is a great place to live especially in summers there are lots of tourists both domestic and foreign visit the Islands for its clean environment, plenty of oxygen and sea.

Adalar county is said to be a great place for rehabilitation and suppressing some illnesses. Environment of the county is nearly perfect. Even on shores of Istanbul lots of people choose modern housing places that have a view of the islands. Even daily visits are made possible with the transportation alternatives and short distance.

Prince’s Islands offer a great deal to both visitors and habitants with beaches, coves, bicycle tours and restaurants serving delicious seafood. Adalar County consists of 9 islands in northeast of Marmara Sea.

These islands are:

  • Tavşan Adası (Neandros)
  • Yassıada (Plati)
  • Sivriada (Ohia / Oksiya)
  • Burgazada (Antigone / Antigoni)
  • Kınalıada (Proti)
  • Büyükada (Prinkipo)
  • Heybeliada (Halkis / Halki)
  • Sedefadası (Terevinthos / Terebintos)
  • Kaşık Adası (Pita).

Büyükada (Prinkipo)
The centre of Adalar County is Büyükada. 2 of the 5 neighbourhoods of Adalar County Maden Neighbourhood and Nizam Neighbourhood (others are Burgazada, Heybeliada and Kınalıada) is in Büyükada Island. Most visitors prefer Büyükada for daily getaways.

Heybeliada (Halkis / Halki)
Heybeliada is the greenest island out of all Prince’s Islands. Old name of the Island ‘Halki’ means ‘copper’ in Greek. Heybeliada consists of 4 hills of which the tallest one stands at 140 meters. Heybeliada’s population is the biggest out of all the islands. Therefore, social life is the most active even outside the holiday season out of all the islands. There is a Naval High School and its subsidiary buildings right at the shore and a Sanatorium which isn’t used anymore.

Burgazada (Antigone / Antigoni)
Burgazada is the 3 biggest isle of Adalar County. İsland is circle shaped and 2 kilometres in diameter. Only hill of Burgazada is Bayrak Hill and the island is covered with Turkish pines.

Kınalıada (Proti)
Kınalıada is the closest inhabited island to Istanbul’s shoreline. Because of this the island was used as a place of exile in the time of Byzantine Empire. Roman Diogenes was an exile on this island for example.

Sedef Adası (Terevintos / Terebintos)
Sedef Adası is the smallest isle of Adalar County. It is inhabited. It is called Sedef Adası because its flora was seen as made out of seashells when observed (sedef means made out of seashells in Turkish) Tavşan Adası and Büyükada can be seen from far side of the İsland.

Yassıada (Plati)
Yassıada is a small island quite close to Istanbul’s shoreline. It is also known as one of the worthless islands. Width of the island is 185 meters; length of the island is 740 meters. Territory of the island is 18.3 hectars. Island consists of a flat territory and its shores are steep. Yassıada is 0.9 nautical miles away from Sivriada, 2.67 nautical miles away from Burgazada and 6.27 nautical miles away from Kadıköy County.

Sivriada (Ohia / Oksiya)
Sivriada is westernmost island and it’s the closest isle out of three worthless islands to the Istanbul’s shoreline. Sivriada is the peak of a nautical mountain which rises out of the sea. Its height is only 90 metres. It is 1,7 km away from Yassıada and 11 km away from Istanbul’s shoreline.

Tavşan Adası (Neandros)
Tavşan Adası (also known as Fisherman’s Island) is 2 km south of Büyükada. It is one of the worthless islands. Width and length of the island is nearly 90 meters each. It is a barren island devoid of any trees.

These islands are separated into two groups according to their geographical spread. Central and Peripheral. Büyükada, Heybeliada, Burgazada and Kaşık Adası are central islands while Kınalıada, Sedefadası, Tavşan Adası, Yassıada and Sivriada are peripheral islands standing around central ones. Only Kaşık Adası is a private island while rest of the islands are open to public. Sivriada and Tavşan Adası are completely empty islands.

Cliimate of the Islands

Prince’s Islands have a mixed climate consisting of Mediterranean, Black Sea and Marmara climates. Nearly every tree and plant that can be found in those climates can also be found in Prince’s Islands. Some of the examples are oak, fagus, chestnut, hornbeam, silver spruce, Anatolian larch trees. Shores of islands are usually steep.


Adalar County is quite easy to access. City Boats arrive at and depart from Adalar County lots of times in a day from Eminönü, Kabataş and Kadıköy Counties. They travel to Kınalıada, Burgazada, Büyükada and Sedef Adası in that order.

Yearly Average Housing Prices of Adalar County

Average Gross Space 120 m2
Average Unit Pricing 5.853 ₺/m2
Average Prices 702.360
Amortization Period 27 years

Variance by number of rooms

Rooms Space  Unit Price  Price Amortization
1+1 60 m2 6.426 ₺/m2 385.560 25 years
2+1 85 m2 5.452 ₺/m2 463.420 24 years
3+1 120 m2 5.895 ₺/m2 707.400 27 years


Prices of houses for sale by neighbourhoods of Adalar County

Neighbourhoods December 2018  Yearly Average  Amortization Difference
Burgazada 12.323 ₺/m2 12.308 ₺/m2 52 years % 53,08
Heybeliada 6.324 ₺/m2 6.337 ₺/m2 30 years % 5,82
Kınalıada 7.733 ₺/m2 8.031 ₺/m2 42 years % 28,50
Maden 5.484 ₺/m2 5.425 ₺/m2 26 years % 3,16
Nizam 5.778 ₺/m2 5.744 ₺/m2 25 years % 9,06

Price, amortization and space averages of the Adalar County sorted by neighbourhoods.

Average house for sale in Adalar has 120 square meters of space. Price of houses available for purchase went up 5.61% in the last year. Average unit pricing for houses in Adalar is 5.853 TL per square meter. Average amortization period of houses is 27 years. By the December 2018 Burgazada, Kınalıada, Nizam, Heybeliada and Maden are the neighbourhoods with greatest rise in house prices in descending order. While Maden, Heybeliada, Nizam, Kınalıada and Zeytinlik are the neighbourhoods with greatest fall in house prices also in descending order of fall in prices. Fastest places of amortization and therefore getting your investment back by profits are Burgazada, Kınalıada, Heybeliada, Maden and Nizam in descending order. Slowest places to gain profits are Nizam, Maden, Heybeliada, Kınalıada and Burgazada with Burgazada being the slowest in all of Adalar.

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