About Arnavutkoy

Arnavutkoy ,منطقة أرناؤوط كوي, اسطنبول, أرناؤوط طوي, احياء اسطنبول

About Arnavutkoy

Arvanutkoy is located in the west part of the Istanbul and the one of massive district Istanbul also.

It  is an ancient district where many old civilizations were lived there respectively. A thousand year ago first settlement was started there.

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About Arnavutkoy

Arnavutkoy was hosted many Greek and Armenian minorities during Ottoman Empire ruling.

However after 1923 Greek people was switched with Turks who lived in Greece.

Today Arnavutkoy has a great location and many people fall in love with that district.

Old and historic residues and special parts make the city privileged.

Arnavutkoy has so many church and after switching with Muslim people with Christians, churches were converted into mosque.

One of the oldest neighborhood in Arnavutkoy is Durusu which was built during Rome times and name with “Terkos” then.

Tricosenes Castle was built by Byzantium and served for protection to Istanbul. Today Castle is a historical structure which stayed over centuries.


Karaburun is a major place and now is a port. During Middle Ages Karaburun had an important role for Genoas.

Today Karaburun has a broken castle which was built by Genoa and after controlling by Ottomans place also has a mosque which was built in 1850 and Lighthouse also another important structur for the Karaburun zone.

Arnavutkoy –Boğazköy

Boğazköy is a important neighborhood in Arnavutkoy.

During Byzantium controlling, Boğazköy was a Greek village however after conquest of Istanbul by Ottomans Boğazköy structure was changed.

In official papers Boğazköy is seen as a private property of II. Bayezid who was an Ottoman Sultan then.

Boğazköy has natural structure and also close to Marmara Sea at the same time. This features make the neighborhood very precise.

It was used for transportation to capital city of Edirne. Edirne was capital before the conquest of Ottoman Empire.

Boğazköy had a church for Greek citizens. Boğazköy was not a neighborhood of Arnavutkoy.

According to official record that is written in1946, Boğazköy was part of Eyüp district of Istanbul.

Once Boğazköy neighborhood was a little agricultural city but today with taking so many immigration region enlarged.

Boğazköy has 40 square meter field which 35 square meter of it is covered by dense forest.

Only 5 square meter’s field can be filled by settlement.

Boğazköy is surrounded by Bolluca Zone from north side, Eyüp and Gaziosmanpaşa from south side, Belgrad Forest from east side, Arnavuyköy and Küçükçekmece districts from west side.

Residents of neighborhood is relevant with agriculture, industry and architectural industry.

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Population of Arnavutkoy 

Arnavutkoy is 4th largest district of Istanbul according to size of earth.

Converted into a district in 2008 and 32 different neighborhood is given to control of the Arnavutkoy administration.

Arnavutkoy has about 507 square meter field and an important part of its field is covered by dense forest. Fresh air and green tones are every part of the district.

It has 261.655 human population according to census which made in 2018.

About %60 percent of populatin is male and other part of population is female in Arnavutkoy.

District is immigrated by different cities people due to developed economy conditions and natural structures.


  • Arnavutkoy MERKEZ


Arnavutkoy take peoples attraction due to natural and structural facilities that serve to people who is stationed in Arnavutkoy.

Arnavutkoy has beaches and dense forest therefore many people want to visit district during summer time.

For tourism and other concerns is effective on Arnavutkoy’s developed transportation system.

Many facilities are available in Arnavutkoy and one of them is developed network of bus and railway.

People also use Steamship’s for reaching other part of Istanbul city.

With that possibilities, Arnavutkoy has a well-organized transportation system and people can overcome any problems in Arnavutkoy.

Bus Line Information                         Arrival Time

42T BAHÇEKÖY – TAKSİM                                     10 min.

22 İSTİNYE DEREİÇİ – KABATAŞ                                      11 min.


40T İSTİNYE DEREİÇİ – TAKSİM                                       19 min.

25E SARIYER – KABATAŞ                                      21 min.

42T BAHÇEKÖY – TAKSİM                                     27 min.

22 İSTİNYE DEREİÇİ – KABATAŞ                          28 min.

25E SARIYER – KABATAŞ                                      38 min.

40T İSTİNYE DEREİÇİ – TAKSİM                           38 min.

Places to Visit in Arnavutkoy District

Arnavutkoy has Istanbul Airport which is built in 2018 and one of the biggest Airport around World.

Arnavutkoy is surrounded by Eyüp from east side, Büyükçekmece and Başakşehir district from the south side and Black Sea from the north side of the city.

It has country-famous with new brand building project. Dense forest, beaches, natural beauties, Castles from old time mosques and other residues make the city more comfortable.

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Taşoluk Green Mosque

Taşoluk Mosque is stationed in Taşoluk Neighborhood which is situated in Arnavutkoy district.

6 different minaret which Istanbul only have 2 that kind of mosques, is available in the mosque.

Taşoluk Mosque is a signature with big and taking attention minarets from almost every part of Istanbul.

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Durusu Picnic Area

Arnavutkoy is covered by dense forest with different kind of trees.

That advantage is used as converting many available field into picnic area.

Durusu has a fascinating beauty and natural places to fun for people.

Arnavutkoy also have other facilities to have a picnic.

İmrahor, Taşoluk, Rahim Çeşme, Balaban and Boğazköy are the most famous picnic areas in Arnavutkoy.

Durusu, Küçükçekmece and Büyükçekmece Lakes

Arnavutkoy is special places for also fresh-water featured lakes.

Durusu, Büyükçekmece and Küçükçekmece Lakes are the famous and situated in Arnavutkoy district.

Many people goes there to spend a good time with relatives and also fishing or agricultural watering facilities are both available thank to lakes presence.

Arnavutkoy, Black Sea Beach

Arnavutkoy has coast Black Sea. Istanbul city have coast to both Marmara and Black Sea.

Black Sea part is made up by Arnavutkoy, Çatalca and Şile districts.

Arnavutkoy coast to Black sea covers %20 percent of Coast Length Istanbul to Black Sea.


Karaburun beach is placed in Arnavutkoy. Black Sea coast in Karaburun is always wavy and cool.


Yeniköy is a place that is situated in Arnavutkoy district.

It was valued after building of Istanbul Airport.

Annual Averages about Houses That Placed in Arnavutkoy

Annual Gross Area


Annual Gross Price2.208₺/Sq/m
Annual Price227.424

Dispersion According to Number of Room

Construction Area Unit of Price        Price  Depreciation
1+170Sq/m2.321₺/ Sq/m162.47021Years
2+194Sq/m2.270₺/ Sq/m213.38026years

House for Sale Prices in Istanbul, Arnavutkoy

Districts December 2018 Annual AverageDepreciation Change
Adnan Menderes1.622₺/ Sq/m1.622₺/ Sq/m23Years%00.00
Anadolu2.107₺/ Sq/m2.088₺/ Sq/m23Years%8,11
Arnavutkoy Merkez2.279₺/ Sq/m2.289₺/ Sq/m24Years%3,73
Atatürk1.836₺/ Sq/m1.880₺/ Sq/m26Years%-4,28
Baklalı2.653₺/ Sq/m%00.00
Yunus Emre1.912₺/ Sq/m1.828₺/ Sq/m24Years%1,81
Yeşilbayır5.974₺/ Sq/m71Years%00.00
Yeniköy2.387₺/ Sq/m13Years%00.00
Yavuz Selim1.705₺/ Sq/m23Years%00.00
Yassıören2.765₺/ Sq/m34Years%00.00
  • House for Sale Prices

Average houses are built in 103 square meter. Last year with effect of inflation, house prices increased with the percent of %5.09

  • Average Depreciation Time is 24 years

Unit price for each square in Fethiye is 2.208 TL. Average depreciation time for same level houses is mostly over 24 years.

  • Most Valued Houses

Haraççı, Hicret, Nenehatun, Taşoluk, Anadolu neighborhoods are most lost valued areas according to in last one year record.

  • Most Lost Valued Houses

Boğazköy İstiklal, Atatürk, Yassıören, Karaburun, Boyalık neighborhoods are most lost valued areas according to in last one year record.

  • Earnings Too Fast in Arnavutkoy with Houses

The fastest earning with capacity of depreciation in Arnavutkoy are Boyalık, Yeşilbayır, Haraççı, Yassıören, Sazlıbosna neighborhoods in turn.

  • Earnings Too Slow in Arnavutkoy with Houses

The slowest earning with capacity of depreciation in Arnavutkoy are Balaban, Baklalı, Tayakadın, Hacımaşlı, Durusu neighborhoods in turn.

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