properties, 6 million 584 thousand properties were sold in Turkey

6 million 584 thousand properties were sold in Turkey

properties, 6 million 584 thousand properties were sold in Turkey
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According to data from the Turkish Statistical Institute, released on the occasion of World Habit Day on October 7, property sales have peaked in the past five years after increasing since 2012.

In the five years between September 2014 and August 2019, the number of properties sold was 6 million 583 thousand 935.

In this period, the highest number of property sales was realized in 2017 with 1 million 409 thousand 314.

During this period, in 2017 the most number of properties were sold and sales amounted to 1 million 409 thousand 314 properties.

While sales were 1 million 165 thousand 381 in 2014, 1 million 289 thousand 320 in 2015, 1 million 341 thousand 453 in 2016, and 1 million 375 thousand 398 properties in 2018 were be sold.

In the 8 months of this year, despite the high-interest rate and economic fluctuation, 718 thousand 570 properties were traded.

As interest rates fall and economic indicators are improving, the figure is expected to reach at least 1.1 million by the end of the year.

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Most residences were sold in Istanbul and Ankara

According to the data, over the past five years, the largest number of properties have been sold in Istanbul with sales of 1 million 153 thousand 778 properties.

Istanbul was followed by Ankara with 691 thousand 494, İzmir with 387 thousand 614, Antalya with 307 thousand 764, and Bursa with 253 thousand 569 properties.

During this period, 176 thousand in Mersin, 174 thousand in Kocaeli, 164 thousand in Konya, 156 thousand in Tekirdağ, 155 thousand in Aydın, 146 thousand in Kayseri, 137 thousand in Adana, 136 thousand in Balıkesir, 135 thousand in Gaziantep, Eskişehir, Manisa and Samsun 111 thousand, 109 thousand in Sakarya, and 102 thousand properties in Hatay were sold.

In the list of more than 50 thousand properties sold, we find Şanlıurfa with sales amounted to 94 thousand, Muğla with 88 thousand, Diyarbakir with 86 thousand, Denizli with 79 thousand, Kahramanmaras with 72 thousand, Canakkale with 63 thousand, Trabzon with 62 thousand, Malatya with 58 thousand, Yalov with a 52 thousand, and Elazig with 50 thousand 463 properties.

During this period, only 704 properties were sold in Hakkari. 956 properties in Ardahan, 3 thousand 91 in Bayburt, 3 thousand 782 in Şırnak, 5 thousand 634 in Tunceli, 5 thousand 891 in Gümüşhane, 6 thousand 829 in Iğdır, 7 thousand 54 in Bitlis, 7 thousand 409 in Muş and 8 thousand 992 properties in Artvin were sold.

The percentage of homeowners or tenants in Turkey in recent years has fluctuated, albeit low.

While the percentage of owners and tenants of houses in 2006 was 60.9 and 23.5%, the rates were 59.1 and 24.7% in 2017.

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properties, 6 million 584 thousand properties were sold in Turkey
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