12 Reasons to work with us

12 reason

1. Reliability

We offer our clients a high level of services depending on our reliability in the large real estate market in Turkey. Clients from all over the world have experienced a great reliable chance when they achieved their dream of owning a home in Turkey, or gained the highest profit of investment in real estate through our consultancy .



In this crowded field of Turkish real estate and investment market, Realty Group comes at first always and above the rest of competitive companies. Our Success in this huge market for more than 10 years belongs to our professionality and the effective consultancy that we have to make the real estate buyers or investors satisfied in the highest levels .

The Continual Growth

3.The Continual Growth

Over the last 10 years Realty Group has developed its business and brand with its head quarter in Istanbul and 3 other branches in Turkey, helping almost 1500 clients from 16 countries to live or invest in 1100 different properties in Turkey, Germany, Cyprus and Bosnia. Our passion and efficiency for real estate in Turkey is the most important thing that we believe in to stay at the top as we can.

Wide Reference Base

4.Wide Reference Base

Buying a property is a very serious step in life, and the main thing is to find a professional and reliable company within thousands of unqualified and untrusted agencies. Realty Group , with its 10 years reputation built on customer satisfaction, is proud to say that over 85% of new clients come from reference clients, that have not only experienced success through us, but also enjoyed a hassle and stress free experience in buying property in Turkey.

Excellent Work Atmosphere

5.Excellent Work Atmosphere

A healthy workplace environment is ideal when it comes to maintaining a positive outcome in a stressful atmosphere. We at Realty Group, provide the most important thing that influences employee motivation and happiness to be productive and efficient in their duties , and serve more happy clients and investors.

Strong Online Presence

6.Strong Online Presence

The Internet has changed the way that people search for real estate. Therefore Realty Group aims to keep a strong online presence by following up and implementing the latest technologies in the market. Our successful online system and excellent website means that we have an ideal platform from which we market our properties and keep our clients up to date with our exclusive offers of real estate for sale in Turkey and other countries.

Diverse Coverage of Projects

7.Diverse Coverage of Projects

We work with a wide base of private investors ,homeowners and developers. Our portfolio which contains more than 200 projects in 7 main cities all over Turkey, makes us confident enough to provide and serve clients requirments on wide bases.


8.Skilled Multilingual Team

We have established a multilingual- experienced team including more than 30 high skilled and well trained sales consultants with Arabic, English, French, Russian, Persian, Azerian and Turkish languages. Despite the diversity of their fields and experiences, they are running the mission with a passion for sharing their knowledge and abilities to fulfill all the expectations of our clients and real estate investors.

Skilled Multilingual Team

9.High Level Performance

Realty Group has a unique high level of performance depending on teamwork spirit that shares a common vision and goals to achieve outstanding results. We work continuously to upgrade our performance and skills that we use eventually to serve different needs of our clients. who are planning to buy a property in Turkey whether for living or investmenst.

Specialized Departments

10.Specialized Departments

With increasing revenue and more customers ,Realty Group have established many integrated departments in the company’s structure. Every department is serving a common goal to fulfill the main mission of the company. As we are proudly getting bigger in the market, we have 7 main departments that work collaboratively to achive the entire goals, and they are:

✓ The Customer services – Call Center ✓ Sales Consultants – Area Team ✓ Agents Department ✓ After Sales Department ✓ IT and Marketing ✓ Legal Consultancy ✓ Finance Department

Experiences and Relationships

11.Experiences and Relationships

We believe that “Longevity enhances reputation”. Our situation as leader in the Turkish real estate market means that we’re not only the leading authority, but also our haggling power is so unique. This situation attributes to our network of contacts and long term relationships with developers which make us capable of providing special prices and terms, and offering our clients unparalleled opportunities.

Experiences and Relationships

12.Collaborative Management

Realty Group has a collaborative management relies on a collection of various management techniques that enlighten a sense of unity and teamwork among managers, supervisors, and the employees. That allows managers to combine their strengths with the strengths of their teams, and make it possible to collectively overcome any weaknesses found, which enhance the efficiency and productivity of the company.

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